Wednesday, October 29, 2014

[Challenge Accepted] Ditzies' Princess

Warning, gets a little dark.

Once upon a time, there was a great land. Ruled by a King though aging, but just and fair.
And as his kingdom reached it’s pinnacle of greatness, he had already started to grey in his hair.
His well kept body served him well, always at front lines when war was of the order again.
A fierce stride always drove the enemy back in fear, even if they were outnumbered, one to ten.

In time, his eyes did drop on a fair maiden, a Princess of a befriended land.
He woo'd and struggled for this beauty of a brown haired creature, just so he could ask for her hand.
No thought on refusing was wasted for this oft victorious man.
And before a year, a royal marriage was upon the land.

The now-Queen loved her King very much, and admired his skilled combat.
But the same vigor for blood, she could not find with him in bed.
But soon the kingdom rejoiced, feasts were held in all of town.
For the kingdom now had a newborn princess, a new generation was found.

A beautiful, red haired girl was given birth and welcomed to the world.
By thousands of people, who barely saw but a glimmer of her.
In shock, the king was, when his child was born.
But as his held the small creature in his arms, his frown was gone.

A kind King as a father, and an energetic mother was the Queen.
The child was surrounded with more love than a human had ever seen.
The girl grew up, and quickly became curious about her surrounding.
Whenever she walked, her world kept expanding, as the King´s castle was vast and unending.

As she found a vast library, a testament to the King being an avid reader,
she felt the vast expanse of books overtake her.
As a playful child, she sought every nook and cranny.
A dark and dangerous place an atmosphere so uncanny.

In time she was taught to read, something she practised by the libraries shelve markings.
Rows upon rows of books, filled with stories of heroes and vikings.
Eventually, a book fell open beside her, it´s wondrous secrets now revealed.
She started to read what she saw, and soon enough her eyes remained peeled.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, they all had to make way.
For the many books, all had stories to convey.
Soon, desserts and treats were snuck off with her.
She had no time to stop reading, as a finished book made way for another.

The Princess grew plump, and had trouble moving around.
The pretty red locks, overshadowed by her every pound.
Quickly, it was a secret no more.
And the servants brought her sweets straight at her door.

But the King grew old and weak. His body no longer of the glorious strength he had before.
He grew paranoid, distant to his wife and Queen, and found most entertainment a bore.
She sat on the sidelines, lamenting why this could be.
Holding on to the one sin that she could see.

Enemy kingdoms heard of the weak King, a man with no male heir to his throne.
He was deemed weak, and soon war had once more begun.
But the King stood not at the forefront, and left his men with little morale.
T´was this they used as an excuse to desert, their wicked rationale.

In but a week  the Castle had been overrun, and the Throne Room was tread by usurping feet.
But the King sat there, defiant to their demands, even if it´d be his end he would meet.
They removed the drapes from  the windows, and let in the sunlights.
A discomfort, for the weak kings eyes.

The princess was sought, and quickly found.
Presented before him, gagged and bound.
They made him a deal, as lowly as dirt.
Surrender the Kingdom, and the princess won't be hurt.

But the king waved his hand, said they could torture her all they want.
A gruesome fate, he know she´d be taught.
The Queen stood in tears, powerlessly watching.
Until to her horror, she saw the great painting, behind her King.

T´was a picture of him in his younger years, locks as blond as the sun.
And now she realised the futility of the lie she kept, and she felt an urge to run.
All these years the king knew, his child was not his.  
And she could no longer look at his face, for the traitor that she is.

The Brutes were amazed, had this king lost his mind?
But they laughed, maybe the King was more like their kind.
The poor child was taken away, tossed to the enemy troops for their amusement.
Her face was soaked in fear, but when she looked at them, all signs of pity were absent.

Her clothes were ripped off, and hot pokers were conjured.
If she was not to start dancing, surely she would get burned.
Hours pass, and her overweight body was out of strength.
The soldiers had a laugh, but their patience and time had run out of length.

They took the poor princess, presented her dirty body to the King.
Demanded he denounced his Kingdom, or no more would the Princess sing.
Sour and beaten as well, the King stood stubborn and shook his head.
And so ends the Princess´story, with an open throat, dead.

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