Wednesday, October 29, 2014

21st Sep 2014 - I haven’t seen Breaking Bad yet but here’s two things I already like about it.

Overall a well received series, people have been saying left and right that it's amazing. So at some point soon I may look into actually watching the series. Maybe in a binge/marathon.

But before I even have seen any of it, there's already a few things that I considerably like about it.

One is where he starts out by having Cancer. That in itself isn't necessarily a good thing. But from a narrative standpoint, this does mean that your character is on a timer. You're watching someone with their days counted, and you observe how he spends them.

Second, is that he ends dieing and ending the series (I think), probably because of it but that doesn’t really matter. I was spoiled the fact that he ended up dieing. But in reality, that barely even mattered. Because he had Cancer. And while you can last out a whole movie plot line with a character having Cancer and not have them die, doing so in a series really stretches the Suspension of Disbelief. So I knew he was going to die. Question is, how?

That said, in Breaking Bad, I feel like the Cancer acts true to like a Chekhov’s gun. It is placed in the scene(s) beforehand, and now it must be fired. Technically, it must be fired the scene right after, but you know what I’m getting at.

So that's a little tidbit I like. I'm genuinely curious how good it gets, because I've seen a few priceless scenes on Youtube (something about going through a floor?) and of course we'd like people to knock on the door because the bell doesn't work.

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