Wednesday, October 29, 2014

[Challenge Accepted] The D

Challenge Accepted basically is a tag for bits that I write that were commissioned or requested by others. (most likely just requested, its not like I earn money from this)
Usually I accepted these to keep the juices flowing.

This one's dedicated to DitzyGoldfish, who insisted on a story about my D.
Let none say RJ doesn’t like a good challenge.

The D
stands tall with me.

 I spot it’s target, and the soldier doth rise.
He awakens, and adds a pair of eyes.
His approval is given, and we shake on it.
But not too much, wouldn’t want it already spent

I charge forward with all of my zeal, this spear will make many fall.
The girl seems promiscuous, and nods with coy approval.
T’is sexist to point it out, but I won’t be complaining.
Because for sure, this night will prove entertaining.

The woman towers over me as I get punted into bed.
Surely not unlike some erotic fiction you’ve certainly once read.
I smile in expectation, dinky is going to have fun...
Surely there is nothing that could make me run?

As the dress is lifted, and unshapely undergarments doth reveal,
I find myself with a paralyzed soldier, and an urge to flee.
My eagle eyes have failed me once more, a fun story abruptely seen to an end.
For my Soldier and I, have spotted a brother once again.

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