Wednesday, October 29, 2014

[Challenge Accepted] Broteman and the Pill conquerings

Broteman is a well known Youtuber and a renown Streamer. Some believe that all his life exists out of is perfecting these two practises to an artform.
But little do we know, there is a secret life taking place behind the public appearance of this man we lovingly call ‘Brote’.

As screams in the outside world cry out for a hero, a young woman yelling for help, Brote somehow hears this from within his residence. Quickly he says in his microphone “Bee ar bee, need ta take a huge sheet” and immediately dives into his closet.
With a kitchen towel as a cape, spare underwear over his pants and a stripclub thong (denoted by its print) as a mask, he flies away into the distance on his giant burrito.

As Broteman lands from his flight, a large monster looms over an innocent woman. It yells out “I am the grand Scottish Dickie creature!”
Confidently, Broteman moves in front of the woman. “I’ll handle this, ma’am!”

The creature turns toward the grand hero. “Fight me! In real life!”
But Broteman, never faltering in his posture, simply said “No.”

The giant tentacle ugly buggy creature lunged forward towards the heroic man. Quickly, Broteman digs in his jacket, and conjures several flat plastic boxes. Their names say Dimensity, Hydrophobia and a plethora of other names, and he throws them in the gooey body of the creature.
“Nooooo, worse games than mine, my one weakness!” screams out the monster.

As the monster melts down into a chunky and tar like mess, the woman turns to Broteman.
“Thank you, o valliant knight, I must reward you! Let’s get to the fuckins.”
But Broteman holds up his hand, stopping the woman.

“Don’t thank me, ma’am, I’m Canadian.”
And he flies off on his giant burrito.

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