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14th Sep 2014 - FPS Gamers hating controllers a.k.a people are terrible at debate

There is a running theme going on on the internet, in specific in the FPS circles, on Controllers vs Keyboard+mouse. But first, let's note down some basic facts before I continue.

Yes, a keyboard and mouse allows for better reaction and precision. Especially when you're more practiced in it. These are indisputable statistics that me, along with everyone else saying this, is pulling out of their ass based on a safe assumption. It's also on the part of "Proving" that the discussion HORRIBLY derails. Let's just agree that, yes, keyboard and mouse squeezes that extra piece of precision compared to a controller.

What I however disagree with is that we should consider that the only factor when picking either. There's comfort in a controller. Some people just want to lay back and casually game. Especially in a game like Planetside 2, where your participation matters more than your performance, having a more relaxed time is certainly a benefit.
(fyi Planetside 2 controller support is horrible. You can bind controller keys, but it seems to not properly recognize input, to the point where inputting Left will make me strafe right. No, really, that's actually a problem I have trouble solving.)

Remember, I am going to highlight a lot of the upsides to using a controller in this bit. Do however remember that I acknowledge many of the benefits Keyboard and Mouse has, beyond the ones mentioned. But quite frankly, the Controller side of the debate needs a serious pick me up, especially with people hammering onto others.

Because I've seen countless, thousands of Forum topics about someone wanting controller support for a specific FPS. At no point did they ask if it was a good idea, what your opinion was or whether they would perform better. All they asked about was if it could work.
I can accept some moderate derailing, but when 75% of the topic turns out derailed from the start, discussing the notion whether you are an idiot and you suck for wanting to use a controller, then we have to acknowledge that we have a problem here.

Here's the kicker: The topic barely got answered. Not at all, even. People got so absorbed in telling someone their opinion, for no reason, that they forgot the OP. That's how bad the state of affairs is.

Yes, I want to play Planetside 2 with a controller. Beyond the fact that Flight probably would control more naturally, I just want to be able to sit back and not feel stress injuries for using a Mouse and Keyboard. Because DID YOU KNOW that there are people with medical conditions who can not use these for an extended period? If these people are PC gamers and have no choice but to use a controller, people like the aforementioned derailers are saying that it's better to be a Console Gamers, even if you think PC is a better platform, just based on the medical conditions you have.

Did you also know that I have pulled more headshots using a Controller than a Mouse and Keyboard? This supports my second notion: Getting good with either can make the difference in performance almost negligible.

Almost. To the point where you'd have to pin the best of either sides to see that Keyboard/Mouse still wins. But the running (quite stupid) theme goes that a Pro Controller user can't even hold up against a Newbie Keyboard/Mouse player. That idea is stupid.
Experience counts for a LOT in videogames. And if you have grown to be one with your method of control, then it becomes more a battle of skill than peripheral.

Here's another thing. If a game doesn't properly support Controller input (like Planetside 2) and people have been asking a lot for it, for oftentimes very legitimate reasons (like Planetside 2 forumgoers), then you need to start asking how well the Developers of this hypothetical game are really interesting in improving the experience and instead are more interested in earning money off your back.

Yes, Controller support may yet become a standard in which we can tell how much a Developer cares to improve our experience. You could say the same for ports and Keyboard/Mouse support, but that's Totalbiscuit's playing field and I respect his superior expertise on those matters. Again, all I'm ranting about here is the shit people get for wanting to use a different controller peripheral because it suits them better or allows them to actually game for a prolonged period due to medical reasons. If we forget the suffering few, then we are not going to improve well as a community.

Oh, and did you know that there are games that actually benefit usage of both? I thoroughly enjoy playing Evochron Mercenary, using the Controller to control my ship while using keyboard and mouse to quickly interact with the UI. As if I am a Space Captain, having access to fingers to push buttons and a wheel to navigate my ship with. It's pretty exhilarating and enhances the experience.

You know what we really should hate Gamers for?
For hating on their own for absolutely no good reason.

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