Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Oh right, I have a blog here.

Forgot all about it. Been too busy gaming, working on/with Obscurum and Thumblesteen, looking for impending threats from space sheep.

Also, job. You know, the labor you perform transforms into an electronic static that says you have a little more of something than you did before. Usually money, sometimes digital curses. So I suffer the job I have (while secretly liking it) because some digits determine whether I can pay for my nourishment or not.
I can, I'm just explaining it an unnecessarily complicated way.

Again, if I ever were to write something that absolutely had no better fitting place to be dumped on the internet, this blog is where it will land. I am the PR of a Fallout 3 Mod page on the Nexus, I manage another blog about it, I manage a forum about it, I comment on Youtube or make video's for it, I even Tweet when I feel like a complete todger!

This place really is my garbage bin of brainfarts. Because I'd feel guilty to not publish them.
I hate myself, but believe everything I write is pure art or fit for mind-expansion.

Nobody probably even reads this. I could post the 12 most juvenile cuss words and perfectly get away with it.
There are moral boundaries though.

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