Friday, November 30, 2012

Picasa, the scourge of the free?

Hows that for a controversial title? Yeah, I'm overdoing it on the title. Still, Picasa has somehow managed to proven, in 30 minutes, to be a complete pain in the ass. The beginning of those 30 minutes were me deciding I should start using it. After said minutes, I quit.

I download Picasa. All fine and dandy. I upload the screenshots I wanted to publish. Fine and dandy.
I go to the website, and there it starts. I need to register on Google+. There's three buttons I can push. One I think was "remind me later", second was "No thanks", third one was "Go register with Google+". When I click "No thanks", nothing happens. In fact, the other two buttons refuse to work
Refreshing the page and clicking to register Google+ DOES work!

So, kind of pissed off (it's my blog, I can say piss all I want!) I decide to remove the album. Then remove the pictures themselves from Picasa. Turns out, Picasa takes the liberty to PHYSICALLY remove said pictures from your hard drive! Fancy that! So not only did I do all that work to gather three excellent screenshots, but seeing as Google is it's own program, I can't conveniently use Windows' Undo function to recover them. Great, just great!

Is Google's latest acquisition playing us to submit to Google+'s conformity? I'll leave that one up to you. What this means to me, however, is that I'll have to come up with new screenshots again.

I'm actually kind of angry. Because those three were really great screenshots. So here's my plan for the rest of the day:
I'm going to redo the screenshots and go play a few aggressive games, and everyone can go fuck themselves.

As for you: If you haven't given in to the Picasa monster yet, don't. Don't try. Picasa will not adapt to you, you have to adapt to it. That's a service problem, and forcing adaption onto a customer is what is keeping Piracy still alive.

~Dude out

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