Friday, December 19, 2014

[Short Story] F*ckin' Sandwiches

She retracts her sword from his gut. At her feet lies a now lifeless body. A vicious ex, whom's cronies lay dead in a pathway behind her. She wipes the blood from her face, bruises appear where harsh blows were dealt.

Planting the sword deep in the ground, she turns around and starts walking, presumably home.
She closes her jacket. There's a cold breeze coming, and the sweat is sapping all her body heat away. She'll find shelter soon, and a ride home.

But before that, a long walk lays before her. She shudders at the chilly air, and sighs
"I wish I had dated Dylan instead"

Miles away, in another country, Dylan sits down and looks at what's on the table.
It's bread combined with lots of vegetables and meats and sauces.
He picks it up, takes a bite, and says
"Man, sandwiches are awesome."

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