Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Story Snack: The End, with a Beginning [Working Title] (just a premise write-down)

There are two stories here, today. Separated by a long distance, yet united by a mere scope.
Two stories: one ends, and one begins, all in the blink of an eye.

The story of a criminal underworld kingpin. Starting from a humble, poor man’s street, to ruling the city the very street had been in.
His story foretells his rise to power, and his abrupt fall, heralded by a long list of shady friends and devious foes.
His life’s story is one of power. To both attain it, and juggle it with also his life in play.
A nightmare wrapped inside a dream.

And the story of a girl. A mercenary, or dare I say… Assassin? Her life had been straight forward until the point that she pulled that trigger.
From that moment on, she is faced with a life of notoriety, the Assassin who put down the "unkillable kingpin"… and facing the fallout of his death.

In the span of this one story, you will learn about both of these people.
Something… will urge her to retrace the story of her latest target.
Blackmail? A bounty on her? Loved ones in danger? Treasure? Greed?
Her motivations will be learned as we will follow this closely, dear reader.

So sit back, and relax… you’re not the one being targeted right now.

...or are you?

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